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Top 10 Things in Las Vegas to Look Forward to in 2023

Las Vegas has always been a city that keeps moving forward. Virgin Hotels, Circa, and Resorts World have recently arrived in Sin City. But there are many new things planned for 2023. including new hotels, events, and residencies, among others. This is poised to become an exciting year for the beautiful city. If you are planning to visit Las Vegas in your luxury limo and spend a great time here, you should know what will be big in 2023.  

At AWG Ambassador, we would like to highlight the top 10 things in Vegas you should look forward to in 2023. 

1. MSG Sphere 

The MSG Sphere has been set to be a marvel and guess who is said to be the venue’s first residency. It is most likely to be U2. Interestingly, the ground was broken in 2018 for the construction of the vast entertainment venue.  

Some of the key features of the venue are: 

  • The concert arena measures 500-foot wide by 360-foot high 
  • It will have digital screens, both inside and outside 

MSG Sphere is set to bring a wide range of events into the new era with integration with the internet. 

2. Durango Casino 

Durango Casino is an off-strip casino that is set to open in October. The project includes both a new casino and resort in the southwest valley and has been in the works for more than a decade. Construction was first affected by the last economic recession, but now the first stage is set to open in 2023. Some of the key features of the property include: 

  • 211-room hotel 
  • Casino 
  • Pool 
  • Water features 
  • Four or more restaurants 

3. The English Hotel 

Todd English is one of the busiest chefs in Vegas. After having opened the Beast at AREA15 and Olives at Virgin Hotels, he’s now into creating his own hotel featuring his Pepper Club restaurant, 74 rooms, and a pool. The hotel’s rooms are known for their cocktail bars, amazing décor, and cozy feel. 

4. Wildfire Casino Downtown 

This is another casino from Stations Casinos and is planned for the east Fremont location. Some of the key features of this upcoming casino include: 

  • It will be part of the total 7 Wildlife-brand casinos 
  • This location is also expected to have 200 slot machines, various hotel facilities, a restaurant, electronic table games, a sportsbook, an IHOP, and more 
  • The casino’s property will cover over 21,000 square feet 

The casino is expected to open in February 2023. 

5. Plaza’s Carousel Bar 

Plaza, one of the most sought-after Vegas casinos will get a new outdoor bar in March 2023. The project is accompanied by a new Pinkbox doughnut shop and expanded Oscar’s Steakhouse. The casino will also be getting an expansion. 

The project basically involves the transformation o the porte-cochere into a new bar, which will bring an unmatched outdoor bar experience. You can enjoy handmade wine, beer, and cocktails while enjoying Vegas-themed elements that include: 

  • Oversized deck of cards 
  • Carousel horses 
  • Rotating ribbon of lights 
  • Spinning martini glasses 

The new bar’s design retains the dome’s iconic vintage lights. The outdoor venue covers 2,500 square feet of area and will accommodate up to 100 guests. The outer rail will overlook Main Street. 

6. Las Vegas Grand Prix 

Las Vegas will be hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix in November 2023. Fans from both Vegas and beyond are all excited about F1 coming back to Vegas after a full four decades. Some of the main features of the big event include: 

  • It will take place on Vegas’ 3.8-mile long, 14-turn track 
  • F1 cars on the track can touch up to 212 mph 
  • The last time Vegas hosted the F1 was in 1981-1982 

Along with Las Vegas, Miami and Austin will also be hosting Formula One in 2023. 

7. XFL’s Las Vegas Vipers 

XFL is back in Vegas after more than two decades and Vegas Vipers will be making their debut in February 2023. A couple of decades ago, the Las Vegas Outlaws were playing at Sam Body Stadium.  

8. Bat Out of Hell – The Musical 

Bat Out of Hell – The Musical is coming to the Paris casino. The award-winning stage production features the works of songwriter and producer Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf. You will be able to enjoy new takes on classics from the two music producer’s albums. 

9. Garth Brooks Residency at Caesars Palace 

Garth Brooks has sold too many tickets to the residency at Caesars Palace that he has extended it. The event will commemorate Brook’s LIVE which featured 5 discs and a custom book with more than 50 of his favorite live recordings and latest releases. 

10. Maroon 5 Residency at Park Theater 

The Dolby Live is also referred to as Park Theater. Three-time Grammy Award winner Maroon 5 will feature a new Vegas residency at the venue in March 2023. The custom residency will take place in the 5,200-seat venue and will be presented in partnership with MGM Resorts International and Live Nation. 

So, these are 10 new things that will be taking place in 2023 in Vegas. If you are planning to visit any of these events or venues, make sure to travel in comfort and style by choosing a luxury limo service in Las Vegas. At AWG Ambassador, we have over 40 years of experience in providing luxury transportation services in Vegas. For more information, feel free to contact us at (702) 740.3434 or write to us. 

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