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Hidden gems with the best limo company in Las Vegas

The Best Limo Service In Las Vegas : 5 Hidden Gems

When visiting Vegas, you will certainly have plans for the obvious – casinos. However, there is so much more to explore and do in Vegas, and renting a limousine is one of the best ways to go about it. It can be great fun, especially if you have someone else to share your experience with.

So, what are some hidden gems in Vegas that you can explore in your limo? Find out in this guide.

1. The Underground Speakeasy at the Mob Museum

The Underground adds to the allure of the widely popular Mob Museum in Downtown Vegas. This is a speakeasy from the prohibition era. Besides being a fun spot to enjoy a cocktail, it also has educational value.

There are artifacts and pieces related to the political climate and criminal activities of the 1920s. The famous Kefauver Hearings were held here, uncovering the world of organized crime in Vegas and its connections with other states. It is fascinating that the courthouse has been restored to its original look during the time of the hearings.

A peculiar thing about The Underground Speakeasy is that access is limited to only those guests who can find the hidden entrance and recite the password of the week. You can access the password from The Underground Speakeasy’s website or social media handles.

2. The Peppermill

When in Vegas, you should savor the food at The Peppermill Las Vegas Restaurant. It has been there since 1972 and has emerged as a hidden gem in the city. It stands out for its amazing food, relaxing atmosphere, and courteous staff.

The menu includes everything from steak to pizza. Then there’s the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. When at The Peppermill, you will feel at home. The restaurant features cool décor that includes sculptures and chandeliers.

If you prefer something more special, it is recommended to take a seat by the fireplace to enjoy your food. The restaurant is also conveniently located on the Strip, making it easier for your Las Vegas limo to access the area. It is also close to all the casinos, hotels, and the other main attractions on the Strip. There are many more elements that make The Peppermill a must-visit.

3. Park Theater

If you love to be entertained, Dolby Live or Park Theater should be on your must-visit list while on a limo ride of the city. It is an indoor amphitheater within the Park MGM casino hotel and hosts concerts and various other entertainment events. It is located on the southeast corner of the casino and can be accessed from the north as your limo drives into Park Las Vegas.

You can expect the following forms of entertainment on offer:

Midlevel venue music acts

Regular arena plays

Headliner stand-up comedians

Various boxing and UFC matches

Galas & award shows

Various sports events, such as basketball games

Park Theater hosts a wide range of entertainment acts and music genres.

4. “O” Theater at the Bellagio

The “O” Theater at the Bellagio is another must-visit spot with the best limo Las Vegas. The theater is inspired by the beauty and infinity of water and its pure form. It combines together an aquatic tapestry of theatrical romance, art, and surrealism.

The performances at the “O” theater feature an international cast of synchronized acrobats, divers, gymnasts, swimmers, trapeze artists, and characters. These performances are amazingly carried out inside, above, and on water, creating a breathtaking experience.

A typical cast can include up to 90 performers from over a dozen countries. The “O” theater features the greatest number of Olympic athletes among any Cirque du Soleil show.

It is not just the show that plays the magic on the guests, the 12-story ceilings and the blue-hued cupola creating the effect of a European opera house, is itself a grandeur that deserves to be witnessed in person. The theater features tiered balcony seating with a capacity of 1,800. At the heart of all this magnificence is the 1.5-million-gallon pool where the performance takes place. This theater offers something you cannot find anywhere else.

5. Sparrow + Wolf

Sparrow + Wolf is Chef Brian Howard’s creation as a widely popular off-Strip dining spot in Vegas. It is owned and managed by an illustrious chef with over two decades of experience and has been featured in leading media.

This is a great food destination that offers the best of Old-World cooking with a modern touch. Guests may place a la carte orders or choose the decadent six-course vegan tasting menu. When you explore Vegas in your limo, this will certainly be your favorite spot for enjoying great food.

A trip to Vegas is always something special whether it is a personal or business visit. Choosing the best limo service is one of the best things you can do to explore the endless attractions of the city. At AWG Ambassador, we offer the best limo Las Vegas services and fleet you can find anywhere. Get in touch with us at (702) 740.3434 or write to us to book the perfect limousine for your travel needs.

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