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Why Chauffeured Transportation Is the Safest Way to Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc throughout the world, and people everywhere are reeling under the direct and indirect effects of the pandemic. Social distancing directives are being followed in all the states, including Nevada. Like all other places, non-essential businesses have shut down across the state.

But many people still need to move around for basic necessities due to emergencies. Some people are not healthy enough, strong, or able to go shopping themselves. This situation is quite challenging to deal with, and the one way to stay safe in these trying times is to opt for the right transportation. If you have to travel by public transport or even regular local cabs, that can put you at risk of contracting this highly infectious disease.

Most public transportation venues aren’t as crowded as they would generally be, but it’s still risky to travel via a mode where there are many other people. That significantly increases the chances of infection. While local cabs may seem like a safer alternative, they too aren’t free from danger.

Since various passengers would travel in that cab, touch surfaces in the interiors, as well as touch the door-handles, etc. it makes cab travel unsafe in these times too. The cab driver would be in close proximity to the passenger as well, and that increases the risk of infection. Even wearing a face mask and using hand sanitizer cannot protect you from COVID-19 in these situations.


Opt for AWG Ambassador’s Chauffeured Services

The best way to circumvent all these issues and travel safely is to opt for chauffeured transportation from a reliable and responsible company like ours.  We at AWG Ambassador understand that we have a responsibility towards the community and have set in place services that can help ease the lives of people in Las Vegas.

Over the years, we have evolved with the changing business landscape and are very dynamic in our approach to our business. And now, in this challenging time, we have risen to the occasion and made specific changes to our services so that people that need chauffeured transportation for various reasons can use it. Till the time things get back on track, some of the services we now offer include in addition to standard ones:

  • Interstate and long-distance chauffeured transportation, which is definitely safer than crowded flights.
  • Affordable medication, package, and grocery delivery-You only have to give us a list, and our team will pick up the essentials from the package center or store for you. This service is ideal for the elderly or those who are unable or prefer not to venture out.
  • We are also offering transportation for students and minors by state-licensed drivers
  • Airport transfers for you and your family members
  • Restaurant and curbside pickup from your favorite restaurants

As you can see, all these services are geared towards easing the challenges our community is currently facing with moving around and sourcing essential things.


Stringent Safety Measures We Follow

We are focus on providing excellent services for the convenience of our customers. Also, we follow guidance from government agencies like the CDC and WHO, and public health officials, regarding cleaning vehicles daily and maintaining impeccable hygiene.

We disinfect and sanitize each vehicle after every ride. Every single professional chauffeur on our team is monitored for health and background-screened. They have ZERO symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness.

So, when you choose to travel by our chauffeured transportation, you are choosing safety. When you must travel, you have the assurance that AWG Ambassador is here to serve you, reliably and safely!

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