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What To Expect While Traveling to Las Vegas During COVID-19 Pandemic?

The pandemic has impacted several industries, but none more intensely than the travel and tourism industry. Few people are willing to risk their health buy traveling in planes or to popular tourist destinations. Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas has been seriously affected by this lack of movement. This city is a tourist hub and a large portion of its economy relies on incoming guests. Nearly 400,000 people from the state have filed for unemployment and several Las Vegas residents are worried about an uncertain future. Bearing this in mind, many Las Vegas establishments have started to open for business and will soon begin encouraging travel.


1. Changed Entertainment Options

The COVID-19 virus is still out in full force and shows no signs of slowing down. People still need to practice social distancing and diligent hygiene if they want to avoid being infected. When Las Vegas opens to tourists, tourists will have to deal with a few changes. Entertainment options that involve close contact may likely remain closed. Experts believe that nightclubs, buffet dinners, and other such businesses will not open until it is relatively safe. People will still be able to enjoy things like live music shows, interesting performances, great food, and other such Las Vegas highlights.


2. Hygiene Will Be Priority

Hotels and casinos will only survive reopening if they follow strict hygiene practices and enforce social distancing as much as possible. Casinos and resorts are often hotbeds for diseases, which means they can’t afford to fall behind when it comes to taking precautions. Establishments may enforce wearing masks, gloves, and encourage people to maintain distance. They will perform regular health checks on the staff and quickly report suspected cases of coronavirus. Guests who fall ill may have to deal with health assessments and quarantine.


3. Many Iconic Establishments Will Remain Shut

The city and business owners will reopen Las Vegas carefully, trying to maintain some control over the incoming traffic or the possibility of another outbreak. Resort and gambling hotel chains will only open one or two establishments. For example, MGM has several properties on the Strip but the company will likely focus on opening one or two businesses to see how everything works out before attempting to reopen everything.


4. Some Important Services May Be Inaccessible

Tourists coming to Las Vegas rely on important services like transport companies, affordable staying options, guides, etc. These services may remain inaccessible for some time depending on how cautious the city is when it comes to reopening. Transport companies and drivers are particularly vulnerable because they will come in contact with tourists regularly, which can increase the risk of contracting the virus. While business may be slow, many tourists will still struggle to find openings.


5. Some Tourist Attractions will Remain Closed

Guided tours to the desert landscape around Las Vegas, the Bellagio fountains, performances by traveling artists, etc, may remain closed for some time after Las Vegas reopens. If you wanted to ride an off-road vehicle in the rough desert terrain, you may not get the opportunity. It is a good idea to check with establishments in advance to see if they will be open and will carry out the desired activities before making plans for the trip.

Regardless of the uncertainty, traveling to Las Vegas in the wake of the pandemic will offer a unique experience. The city has always been a thriving, crowded metropolis but now it is virtually empty. Streets that were crawling with tourists now have a handful of locals going about their daily lives. Travelers will experience a quieter and more tranquil Las Vegas when they visit.

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