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Hidden gems with the best limo company in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Culture

When one thinks about Las Vegas, one envisions gambling, raves, drinking, and glamor, but there’s more to this city than just party and entertainment. Las Vegas has a rich and intriguing history, an interesting culture, and several landmarks to visit during your trip to the city. AWG Ambassador can take you to these tourist hotspots and cultural landmarks to experience with the city is really like when you look beyond the glamor.


Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown is the oldest and probably the most iconic part of Las Vegas. It is where the city’s rise to an entertainment and gambling hub began. The area started as an old Western town with few salons and cowboys, but its transformation began after the War.

This is where the first casino and neon signs cropped up, which is probably why it retains a lot of the old Vegas charm. No trip to Vegas is complete without a stroll through Downtown to soak in its history. Fremont Street is the most popular part of Downtown Vegas and is the most famous area in the city.

It has Vegas’ oldest casino, the Golden Nugget, and you can still find many traces of magic from decades past. Fremont Street has giant neon signs in the shape of pink flamingos, martini glasses, high-heeled shoes, and more. The retro feel takes you back to when old Hollywood came here to party and legends like The Rat Pack stilled played music in casinos.


The Las Vegas Sign

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign is one of the city’s most iconic and prominent attractions. It was installed in 1959 and has become an essential part of the city’s brand. Designed by Betty Willis, this sign is the perfect representation of Vegas in all its glory. It has a white background with vivid red and blue lettering.

The neon aspects of the sign shine brightly during the night, catching everyone’s attention when they pass by. There’s something thrilling about driving for long hours and finally seeing that sign welcome you to Sin City. The attraction is open 24/7, so you can visit it and take some pictures before it as well.


The Neon Boneyard

Las Vegas has a reputation for being bright and glitter, full of colorful signs highlighting different attractions. A lot of this brightness comes from neon signs, which have been around since the first casino was established. Neon signs are as much a part of Vegas culture as gambling and glamour.

That’s why it isn’t surprising that the city has a museum dedicated to these signs. The Neon Boneyard has a large collection of restored and vintage signs in different states of repair. You can walk through the museum and get glimpses of what the city looked like in the past. The establishment has decommissioned signs from old casinos, bars, clubs, entertainment businesses. Vegas locals consider these signs an essential part of the city’s cultural heritage, so they invest much time and effort to preserve them.

The boneyard has signs from Stardust, Desert Inn, Rivera, Caesars Palace, and other well-known establishments. If you want to truly understand what Las Vegas was like a few decades ago, exploring the boneyard is a great way to do it.

These cultural attractions offer some insight into the soul and character of the city. Exploring them ensures you have a richer travel experience.

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