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New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is where people go to have fun. This city knows how to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and tourists from all over the world travel to experience it. If you visit Las Vegas during this time, make all your transport arrangements in advance. You can make reservations with a transport company even before landing in Vegas. Here’s a look at what people can expect in Las Vegas:


1. Party Strip

When people say Las Vegas likes to party, they’re not kidding. The city closes its famous Las Vegas Strip down at around 4 PM on New Year’s Eve. No vehicles are allowed beyond a certain point after that time. Once all traffic is blocked off, more than 300,000 people converge on the Strip to party.

Make sure you arrive well before 4 PM and have arrangements for a pickup at night. Getting reliable transportation for a group, from services like Uber, Lyft, or regular taxis can be difficult around New Year’s Eve.  Group transportation from a reputable company like AWG Ambassador is a more trustworthy option.


2. Choreographed Fireworks Display

If you want to see some spectacular fireworks, consider visiting Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. It is an impressive display set up by some of the most popular casinos here. These establishments plan everything carefully, making sure every year’s event surpasses the previous year’s show.

These fireworks are colorful, mesmerizing, and unique. You can observe them from various vantage points in Las Vegas. If this is your first time visiting the city, consider asking locals for recommendations. Most will be happy to name popular vantage points.


3. Las Vegas Concerts and Parties

The city is packed full of celebrities and entertainers during New Year’s Eve. You can see performances from artists such as of Christina Aguilera, Journey, Aerosmith, etc. That’s not all; visitors can also attend parties hosted by establishments like MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, Cosmopolitan and more.

These shows are full of music, great food, live entertainment, and crazy drinks. All of these parties sell out well in advance, so be sure to book early. You can book online or ask a hotel or casino to make reservations for you.


4. Spectacular Shows

Las Vegas is known for its spectacular shows, so don’t miss an opportunity to see one. Performances by Cirque Du Soleil are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enthusiasts have several options this year, including Mystere, Zumanity, The Beatles Love, Michael Jackson One, and ‘O.’ If Cirque Du Soleil doesn’t stir any interest, consider alternative shows like the Blue Man Group, Le Rêve, Absinthe, etc. There’s no shortage of options, even for people traveling with kids.


New Year’s Eve Tips For Tourists

Spending New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is thrilling, but it can quickly become a disorganized, unenjoyable experience. The key to a stress-free experience is planning. We reiterate some points that can help:

  • Always book everything early, including hotel rooms, restaurant dinners, show tickets, transportation services, etc. These sell out quickly as more than 300,000 people flood the city.
  • Vehicle access to Las Vegas Boulevard is closed after 4 PM. If you want to travel between two points here, use other options like Desert Inn super-arterial, Frank Sinatra Drive, or Koval Lane.
  • Avoid Las Vegas Boulevard if you can’t stand crowds. Other places offer a calmer atmosphere.
  • The temperature in Las Vegas drops to around 50°F during New Year’s. Carry warm, comfortable jackets or sweatshirts with you.
  • Head indoors after the fireworks display is over. The streets may start clearing up, but all parties are still in full swing at hotels and casinos.


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