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Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium

What To Do In Las Vegas During The Super Bowl

Las Vegas is gearing up for an event of epic proportions in 2024 – the Super Bowl! The entertainment capital of the world will play host to this colossal sporting spectacle, and it’s not just about the game. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just eager to soak in the Super Bowl atmosphere, Las Vegas has something special in store for you and your family.

Table of Contents


  • Super Bowl Viewing Parties
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Explore the Las Vegas Strip
  • Family-Friendly Fun
  • Dining Extravaganza
  • Indoor Recreation
  • Spa and Wellness
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Enhance Your Super Bowl Experience

Super Bowl Viewing Parties


The Super Bowl is all about the game, and what better way to experience it than at one of the numerous viewing parties in Las Vegas? Many hotels and bars host these parties, offering giant screens, delicious food, and a fantastic atmosphere. Some even have betting facilities, allowing you to add an extra layer of excitement to the game.


Pro Tip: Be sure to book your tickets in advance, as these parties tend to fill up quickly.


Super Bowl Sunday is a nationwide celebration, and Las Vegas embraces the spirit with a plethora of Super Bowl viewing parties. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just in it for the commercials, these parties offer an unforgettable experience. Here are a few notable ones:


Caesars Palace: Known for its grandeur, Caesars Palace hosts a spectacular Super Bowl party with a massive screen and a lively atmosphere. You can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet and catch all the action in style.


The Venetian: The Venetian offers a luxurious Super Bowl viewing experience. You can reserve a private suite with comfortable seating, gourmet food, and an open bar. It’s the epitome of Super Bowl extravagance.

Outdoor Adventures


If you’re looking to escape the Super Bowl buzz for a while, Las Vegas has plenty of outdoor activities to offer. Explore the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, go hiking, or take a scenic drive through the Valley of Fire State Park. These natural wonders provide a serene contrast to the Super Bowl excitement.


Las Vegas is not just about bright lights and casinos; it’s also surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Here’s a glimpse of outdoor activities you can enjoy during the Super Bowl weekend:


Red Rock Canyon: Just a short drive from the Strip, Red Rock Canyon offers a picturesque escape. You can hike the trails, enjoy a scenic drive, or even go rock climbing. The colorful rock formations and desert landscapes are a photographer’s dream.


Valley of Fire State Park: This state park, known for its vibrant red sandstone formations, is a mesmerizing destination for nature enthusiasts. You can explore hiking trails, see ancient petroglyphs, and marvel at the unique geology.

Explore the Las Vegas Strip


The iconic Las Vegas Strip is a must-visit during the Super Bowl weekend. Stroll down the boulevard, marvel at the dazzling lights, and visit world-famous hotels and casinos. Catch a show or enjoy some high-end shopping, all within walking distance of each other. The Strip truly offers something for everyone.


The Las Vegas Strip is a world unto itself, and it’s especially electric during the Super Bowl weekend. Here are some highlights of what you can experience on this legendary avenue:


Bellagio Fountains: Witness the mesmerizing water fountain show in front of the Bellagio Hotel. It’s a free and enchanting spectacle that happens regularly in the evenings.


Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck: At Paris Las Vegas, you can ascend the replica Eiffel Tower for breathtaking views of the Strip and the city. It’s a romantic spot and a great photo opportunity.


High-End Shopping: If shopping is your passion, explore The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace or The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian. These shopping destinations offer high-end brands and unique boutiques.

Family-Friendly Fun


At AWG Ambassador, we understand that the Super Bowl is not just for adults. Las Vegas has a wide range of family-friendly activities to keep kids entertained. Visit the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, go on an adventure at Adventuredome Theme Park, or explore the Discovery Children’s Museum. Your little ones will have a blast!


Las Vegas is more than just a playground for adults; it’s a family-friendly destination too. Here are some attractions that will delight kids of all ages:


Shark Reef Aquarium: Located at Mandalay Bay, this impressive aquarium showcases a variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, and exotic fish. It’s both educational and entertaining.


Adventuredome Theme Park: Located at Circus Circus, Adventuredome is an indoor theme park with roller coasters, bumper cars, and other exciting rides. It’s perfect for a day of family fun.


Discovery Children’s Museum: This interactive museum offers hands-on exhibits that spark children’s curiosity. It covers various subjects, including science, art, and culture.

Dining Extravaganza


Las Vegas is a culinary paradise, and the Super Bowl weekend is the perfect time to indulge in a gastronomic adventure. From gourmet restaurants to casual diners, the city offers a diverse range of dining options. Don’t forget to try some of the world-famous buffets and savor delicious cuisine from all around the globe.


Foodies rejoice in Las Vegas, where you can embark on a culinary journey like no other. Here are some dining experiences you shouldn’t miss:


Joël Robuchon: This Michelin-starred restaurant at the MGM Grand offers a world-class dining experience. Indulge in exquisite French cuisine in an elegant setting.


Bacchanal Buffet: Located at Caesars Palace, Bacchanal Buffet is legendary for its extensive offerings. From seafood to international dishes, this buffet has it all. Be sure to arrive hungry!


Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen: If you’re a fan of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, visit his Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace. Enjoy classic dishes with a modern twist.

Indoor Recreation


If you prefer indoor recreation, you can also find top-notch bowling alleys, escape rooms, and arcades to keep you entertained.


Las Vegas is a recreational haven for sports enthusiasts and those seeking indoor entertainment. Here are some options to consider:


Escape Rooms: Challenge your problem-solving skills by tackling one of Las Vegas’s many escape rooms. Solve puzzles and riddles to “escape” within a set time.


Bowling Alleys: Enjoy a friendly game of bowling at spots like Red Rock Casino or South Point Bowling Center. It’s a great way to unwind with friends and family.

Spa and Wellness


After all the excitement, take some time to rejuvenate your body and mind at one of the luxurious spas in Las Vegas. Indulge in a soothing massage, relax in a steam room, or take a dip in a rejuvenating pool. It’s the perfect way to unwind and recharge for the Super Bowl festivities.


Las Vegas is not only about high-energy entertainment; it also offers tranquility and relaxation. Here’s how you can pamper yourself during your Super Bowl getaway:


Sahra Spa, Salon & Hammam: Located at The Cosmopolitan, this spa offers a serene oasis where you can enjoy treatments inspired by Moroccan traditions. The hammam experience is especially rejuvenating.


Canyon Ranch Spa: At The Venetian, the Canyon Ranch Spa provides a holistic approach to wellness. Enjoy fitness classes, spa treatments, and a rooftop pool with stunning views.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Is Las Vegas a family-friendly destination during the Super Bowl?

Absolutely! Las Vegas has a wide range of family-friendly activities, attractions, and entertainment options. From theme parks to museums, there’s something for everyone, making it an ideal destination for families during the Super Bowl.


  • Are there kid-friendly dining options in Las Vegas?

Yes, Las Vegas offers numerous kid-friendly dining options, including family-oriented restaurants, buffets with diverse menus, and eateries serving classic comfort food. You’ll have no trouble finding meals that cater to your family’s tastes.


  • Can I book transportation services in advance for the Super Bowl weekend?

Certainly! Booking transportation services in advance is a smart move, especially during high-demand events like the Super Bowl. At AWG Ambassador, we recommend securing your luxury transportation early to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.


  • What should I pack for a family trip to Las Vegas during the Super Bowl?

Pack accordingly for both Super Bowl activities and family outings. Essentials include comfortable clothing and shoes, sunscreen for outdoor adventures, swimsuits for pool time, and layers for cool evenings. Don’t forget chargers for your devices to capture those memorable moments!


  • How can I make the most of my Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas with my family?

To maximize your Super Bowl weekend experience, plan ahead and prioritize activities that cater to your family’s interests. Explore outdoor attractions, visit family-friendly venues, savor diverse cuisine, and enhance your stay with luxury transportation services from AWG Ambassador.

Enhance Your Super Bowl Experience


The Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas is a time of excitement, entertainment, and luxury. Whether you’re a sports fan or just looking for a memorable getaway, this city has it all. From epic viewing parties to outdoor adventures and family-friendly activities, Las Vegas offers an unparalleled experience.


At AWG Ambassador, we’re dedicated to ensuring your Las Vegas experience is seamless and luxurious. From airport transfers to chauffeured services, we’ve got your transportation needs covered. To make your Super Bowl weekend even more special, book our premium transportation services and arrive at your destinations in style and comfort.


So, pack your bags, book your tickets, and get ready for an unforgettable Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas with AWG Ambassador! Your luxury experience awaits.


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