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5 Benefits Of Hiring AWG Ambassador For Corporate Travel

Creating a positive first impression is crucial to have an edge in business deals. Businesses make considerable efforts to create a professional image in front of their clients, and hiring corporate chauffeurs strengthens this image. You always want your business handlings to be professional and courteous, and that’s something we always focus on.

When you start to look for transportation for corporate travel in Las Vegas or anywhere in the US or worldwide, you will find many companies that offer these services. But very few can provide the perfect balance of superior service, reliability, and competitive pricing that we at AWG Ambassador offer. Here are 5 benefits of hiring us for all your corporate travel needs:


 1. Impressive Fleet of Vehicles

Our extensive fleet offers a wide variety of well-maintained vehicles. You can choose from SUVs, Coaches, Sedans, Limos, and more. This wide choice allows you to select something befitting your client’s or business associates’ corporate position.


2. Punctuality

Clients spend a significant amount of time at airports, and they shouldn’t have to wait for cabs. When you hire our services, rather than waiting in long cab lines, your clients will be greeted by an experienced and luxurious corporate chauffeured service. We are punctual and even arrive at the location a few minutes before schedule to ensure your clients don’t have to wait.


3. Guaranteed Safe Travel

There is a marked difference between cab drivers and a professional chauffeur service like ours. There are times when cab drivers are very rash on the road. However, that isn’t the case with our chauffeurs. They are trained to follow all road rules and drive safely. Making their passengers as comfortable as possible is their number one priority. Our chauffeurs maintain their professionalism while transporting clients, and this is very reassuring for the passengers. They have extensive driving experienced and have complete knowledge of how various vehicles work.


4. Consistent Quality of Service Nationwide

The AWG Ambassador headquarters are located in Nevada. However, we offer services throughout the nation and the world via an extensive partner network. We have been working with these esteemed affiliates for over 40 years, and they provide the same high-level services that we do. They conform to all state and local, insurance and permit requirements, and their experienced chauffeurs go through stringent screening processes.

Besides being highly efficient at getting you from point A to B, our chauffeurs are very polite and amicable. You don’t want an angry client arriving at a meeting because of a bad cab ride. We take special effort to ensure that our chauffeurs show respect and courtesy. This approach adds to the level of professionalism that you want to portray to your clients.


5.Trusted and Tested Affiliate Service

When you choose us as your transportation partner, you never have to worry about the quality of service. Whether you are traveling in Nevada or anywhere in the US, our Preferred Transportation Affiliate Program helps ensure you get to your destination comfortably and in style.


Range of Pricing Options

AWG Ambassador offers clients a broad and diverse range of executive car service in Las Vegas and across the country. Every business has a specific budget set aside of corporate travel, which is why we offer various vehicle and pricing options.

We strongly believe that when you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you shouldn’t have to worry about transportation. When you choose us, you are choosing the best! Contact us, and we’ll ensure that every stage of your trip is more pleasurable as well as stress-free.

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