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Picking Limo Services in Las Vegas – Questions to Ask

You may need to book a limo service in Las Vegas to celebrate your wedding, birthday party, bachelorette party, any other occasion, or for corporate transportation. Whatever the occasion or need, you want to create positive memories. Even if it is for business travel, your clients or employees must cherish the moment and remember your brand for the positive experience.

Anyone who seeks to book limo services in Las Vegas will want to choose a trusted and reliable service that offers a great experience. So, before you hire any such service, it is important to evaluate their business. Before picking a limo service, there are 5 important questions to ask beforehand.

1. Are They Insured?
All limos in Nevada are required to be insured. When you ensure that the limousine service you have chosen is insured, it guarantees many things. It means that the company is:
• Registered
• Recognized
• Authorized

To carry passengers safely. It also protects you and your passengers in the unfortunate event of a collision. Avoid uninsured companies because it can also mean that they are an illegitimate service provider.

2. What Kind of Services Do They Offer?
Different limo services Las Vegas offer different services. Some can even provide unique services, which are not easy to find elsewhere. Ask this question to every limousine company that you evaluate so that you can find the one that offers what you exactly need. Most of these firms provide transportation services for:
• Graduations
• Birthday parties
• Weddings
• Personal events
• Business meetings

And more such events. However, only a few can also include airport transportation in their services.

Some companies also offer additional social services. This can include:
• Entertainment
• Beverages & snacks
• Wi-Fi
And more. It is best to get the services package in writing so that you know exactly what you are getting for the money you pay.

3. Do They Have Trained Chauffeurs?
You or your passengers’ safety and comfort in a limo depend a lot on the chauffeur. You should always choose a Las Vegas limousine service with well-trained and experienced chauffeurs. They should not only be trained for safe driving but also how to deal with passengers. Check the following with the limo company to determine whether their chauffeurs are trained:
• Their chauffeurs must have a valid license. Those driving a larger vehicle must have a CDL license.
• Check how familiar they are with different locations in Vegas. A well-trained chauffeur should know every area in the city, including every casino, restaurant, hotel, pub, and entertainment hub.
Make sure the chauffeurs are professional and interact and communicate professionally and ethically with passengers.

4. What is Their Fleet Size & How Well Do They Maintain Their Vehicles?
When you seek limo service Las Vegas, luxury is your priority. It is important to ask them about the types of vehicles they offer. Not every service provider can offer a fully stocked minibar in their limos. Some may specialize only in styling sedans, stretch SUVs, Iced limos, or coaches. Make sure a company has the right cars for your needs.

It is also important to ensure their fleet is in good condition. When it comes to your special day, you shouldn’t be presented with a limo that is dirty or breaks down along the way. You want a limousine service that speaks of impeccable condition and looks. When it comes to fleet maintenance, ask them the following questions:
• How old is their fleet?
• How often do you maintain their vehicles?
• Do they have a comprehensive maintenance program?
• Do they have in-house mechanics?
Choosing a reputable limousine company Las Vegas that takes care of their fleet can make a big difference in your limo experience.

5. Will You Be Signing a Contract?
A reputable and licensed Las Vegas limousine company will require a signed contract before providing their services. A written contract confirms the terms and conditions related to their service and the trip. The contract also demonstrates their responsibilities and situations when they can be held liable. The contract will also mention the roles and expectations of the passengers.
Make sure to choose a limo service provider that offers a contract. It is also important to go through your contract before signing it. The document should also detail the prices and stop locations for the trip.
So, these are some of the most important questions you should ask a limo service Las Vegas before singing-up for their services. At AWG Ambassador, we further recommend asking for references before choosing a company. You should also check online reviews of the company to determine whether their past clients identify them with a positive experience or not. There is always a better limo company to help make your big day, event, or business meeting more special. If you want to learn about our limo service in Vegas, call us at (702) 740.3434 or write to us.

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