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Is Parking in Las Vegas Worth It?

Navigating parking fees in Las Vegas can be troublesome. In the past, parking structures on the Las Vegas Strip were free.In fact, there has been a long history of free parking and valet services in Las Vegas in order to pack casinos and hotels with customers. While some places still offer these services free of charge today, it is crucial to inform yourself regarding which casinos and hotels expect you to pay a fee. Hotel and casino parking fees have been changing frequently within the past year. It varies depending on the type of parking and how many hours you will park your car for. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of parking fees as you venture off into the Sin City, use private transportation in Las Vegas. It may be the best solution for you. With a private transportation service, a professional driver can take you to all of your chosen destinations. Here are a few factors to consider when navigating Las Vegas parking:

Factors that Affect Las Vegas Parking

There are several factors that affect parking in Las Vegas. These factors can help you decide if you would like to rent a car for your trip, rely on public transportation, ridesharing, cabs, private transportation, etc. Here are a few factors to think about:

  • Time of year – If it’s a popular holiday such as New Year’s, it is important to note that specific streets will be blocked off. Knowing how to navigate the streets and where to park requires prior experience or expert knowledge of the city streets.
  • Hotel Guests – Although hotels and casinos have parking garages, it is important to consider that they may be specific to hotel guests and that fees are charged when you are not a registered guest.
  • Conferences and Conventions – Are there special events or conventions in town? Las Vegas is known to hold nearly 20,000 meetings and conventions every year. Attendees and special events are important to consider during your visit.
  • Lines – On busy weekends and holidays, it is not uncommon for there to be lines before you can even drive into a parking garage. If you plan on driving in Las Vegas, give yourself enough time to get in line, access the parking garage, find a spot, and walk to your destination.

What is parking on the Las Vegas Strip like?

While the suburban areas of Las Vegas provide ample parking to visitors, the Strip is the complete opposite. Most tourists visiting the Striptravel on foot, and street parking is unavailable unless you’re in the Downtown Las Vegas area. While public transportation is available, most locals and residents agree that it is not the most efficient way to get around. If you plan on parking at the Las Vegas Strip, your best bet is to search for a hotel or casino close enough to your destination but not popular enough to be busy. If not, expect to pay a hefty fee for aparking spot in a centrally-located parking garage. Valet parking fees can also add up.

Do parking garages in Las Vegas ever get full?

Because there are numerous hotels, a lot of tourists assume there are enough parking spaces to accommodate visitors. This may be applicable on weekdays and especially during the off-season. But, a lot of the time, it will take a few minutes to find a parking spot, even in large parking garages. If your visit in Las Vegas is during a popular time of year, it will be even more difficult. The city brings in nearly 40 million visitors every year. Plan ahead of time and arrive at your hotel or casino at least half an hour early. Give yourself enough time to find parking and time towalk to your destination. First time visitors are often unaware of how much walking is necessary on the Strip.

Is self-parking free within the first hour? How much does valet parking cost?

There are a handful of hotels and casinos that offer free self-parking for the first hour. Unfortunately, most hotels and casinos on the Strip do charge for self-parking even within the first hour. The fees can range anywhere from $6 to $21 for the first hour. For valet parking, fees can cost anywhere from $13 to $30 without tip depending on how long you stay.

Do hotels, resorts, and casinos ever validate parking?

Some locations do validate parking under specific conditions. For example, if you are a registered guest at the hotel or resort, you may qualify for free parking. If you are at a certain tier of a hotel or resort’s rewards program, you may also qualify for free parking. If you spend a specific amount at an establishment within a hotel or resort, you may qualify for free parking as well. It never hurts to ask the service desk when you are visiting a hotel or casino.

What about Downtown Las Vegas?

Downtown, or as others may refer to it as Historic Downtown Vegas, is one of the few areas of the city that offers street parking. However, it is important to keep in mind that busier areas of Downtown, where most hotels are located, do not have much street parking available. Street parking is located on streets with restaurants, bars, and smaller attractions. Street parking located near offices and local boutiques can be free. Just make sure to keep an eye on the parking signs. Street parking in close proximity to busy areas of Downtown Las Vegas are usually Pay-to-Park.

How can I avoid paying for parking?

Because public transportation in Las Vegas is not the best, a great way to avoid paying for parking is by using private transportation. AWG Ambassador is the leading transportation service in the city. You can easily schedule transportation through the iRide AWG mobile app. It allows you to book reservations, view your itinerary, and locate your driver. By using a private transportation service in Las Vegas, you can avoid paying for parking fees. There will be no need to worry about finding directions, parking validation, or whether or not you can consume alcohol. A private chauffeur can take you around the city from one exciting destination to another.

Traveling with chauffeured transportation has never been easier. By using the iRide AWG mobile app, you can locate your driver with the touch of your fingertips. AWG Ambassador’s professionals are not only experienced but also knowledgeable about the city. They are aware of local Las Vegas events, how to navigating closed roads, and have impeccable driving records. With AWG Ambassador, you can enjoy Las Vegas the way it is meant to be experienced. Book your transportation today and Contact Us for any other inquiries.

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