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Extra Safety Measures To Take While Traveling During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t showing any signs of receding, and with every passing day, the number of infected people across the globe keeps increasing. The disease has spread in almost every city in every country. It’s why health experts recommend that you travel only if it is essential and not otherwise.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says that crowded travel settings, such as airports, can significantly increase the chances of getting COVID-19 in case some other travelers have it.  It’s best to postpone travel if possible. But, in case that isn’t an option, you need to be cautious about all potential exposures and take extra safety measures while traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Steps to take while on an airplane

  • The most crucial thing if you are traveling in an airplane is to ensure that you are incredibly diligent about hand hygiene. You should either use some alcohol gel or wash your hands very frequently with soap or a hand wash.
  • You mustn’t touch your face after you have touched any things.
  • Sanitize all the areas which you can clean, using disinfectant wipes or alcohol because these surfaces could have spit droplets with the COVID-19 virus in them.


Should you be concerned about the overhead air while on an airplane?

Wipe the overhead air knob down as you would be touching it.

You need not be too worried about the air itself.

The air circulating in various areas is the plane is  HEPA filtered, so it should be clean. But if an infected person is sitting in that particular section of the aircraft, it poses the risk of infection.


Safety measures while traveling in public transportation like buses and trains

  • Some public transportation venues like metros aren’t as crowded as usual. But it’s still crucial that you maintain a 6-feet distance from anyone around you.
  • If you are in a metro or bus with many people, it just isn’t possible to maintain that distance. It’s best to try but wear a face mask anyway.
  • Use a hand sanitizer when on the bus or metro and do not touch your face.


Should You Bring Wipes To Sanitize Your Hotel Room?

  • It’s best to clean all areas that you will frequently be touching in your hotel room with some disinfectant wipes or spray.
  • Wipe down the TV remote, doorknob, faucets, and other surfaces. While that might not guarantee complete safety from COVID-19, it may help.
  • Maintain hand hygiene at all times, and do not touch your face.
  • The more significant risk is from somebody coughing very close to you. It’s why you must maneuver yourself to reduce that risk. For example, when getting on hotel elevators, either wait till the elevator is empty or take the stairs.


Things To Keep In Mind When Pumping Gas

If you are traveling to some other place in your car, there are still some precautions you must take such as:

  • When you are pumping gas, wear gloves, and then throw them away once you are done.
  • If you do not have gloves, touch the handle, pump the gas and then either wash your hands with soap or use a sanitizer.
  • You can also use paper towels while handling the nozzles but wash your hands afterwards.


Consider traveling in a private vehicle like the ones that we at AWG Ambassador provide. We take all precautions and maintain sanitized vehicles. Since it would be just you, your group or family traveling in that vehicle, it significantly reduces the chances of contracting the virus. Travel only if you have to and stay safe at all times!

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